Episode 15 – Say It Like You Mean It

This episode is full of fun shenanigans!  Care to learn how I (Ian) attempt to pretend like I’m a foreigner at a party where I know no one?  Or how about the first (and probably only) episode of a new game show called Victory or Bust?  Or maybe you’ve come to enjoy our review of The Starting Line’s Say It Like You Mean It. No matter what your reason, we’re glad you’re listening and hope you enjoy!

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Episode 14 – De-Loused in the Comatorium

As a way of getting back at me (Ian) for making Alex do the The Moon is Down episode, Alex asked if we could do an album of his sole selection that I was not familiar with.  I agreed and thus this episode was born.  In this episode we discuss De-Loused in the Comatorium by The Mars Volta.  It is neither emo nor yelly and therefore is a bit of a deviation from the usual stuff we listen to, but that doesn’t mean that no high jinks or tomfoolery ensue!  Enjoy!

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Episode 12 – The Moon is Down

After a few yelly music episodes, we go back to the clean vocals and explore Further Seems Forever’s first album The Moon is Down, which introduced the world to Chris Carrabba (at least on a large(r) scale).  Turns out Alex is not the biggest fan of this album, so this time it’s not just the two of us being a couple fan-girls.  We also make a strange connection between David Allen Grier and City and Colour.  Enjoy!

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note: I misread the article. Travis doesn’t fly, not Tom. – AM

Episode 10 – The End of Heartache

For our 10th episode, we go back to the yelly music and discuss an album that we both agree is a good introduction for anyone interested in exploring the metalcore genre, The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage.  Plus, we discuss taking back roads to get to the grand canyon and yet again talk about the issues we have surrounding the quickly dying southern rock hardcore movement happening over the last 15 years.  Enjoy!

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Episode 7, Part 1 – Through Being Cool

After much anticipation, we are back with new material!  For reasons why this episode/album/set of tangents will be broken up into 2 parts, please see previous post.  In today’s episode we talk about how to properly wear a beanie, why Ian enjoys romantic movie trilogies, oh and the first half of Saves The Day’s second full length album Through Being Cool.  Please stay tuned in the next few weeks for part 2.

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