Episode 21 – A Shai Hulud Retrospective

In this episode, we reminisce about our experiences with seeing Shai Hulud over this past summer and what we took away from the first “local” feeling show either of us had been to in many years. The epigram “the more things change, the more they stay the same” is fitting in this instance.  Additionally, Alex vents about people who won’t share the sidewalk and Ian shows off his vocabulary skills.  Enjoy!

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Episode 20 – After Hours

We decided to switch things up a bit with this episode and take it down a couple notches in what we are dubbing the “After Hours” episode.  In this episode Alex learns something disturbing about Skrillex (besides the overall existence of Skrillex) and also tries to explain why his new bicycle purchase doesn’t make him equal to a beach bum riding down Embarcadero del Norte, late for class.  Also, Ian is completely unable to say the name of the podcast.  This one is a little short, but we will be back next episode to cover more yelly music from back in the day.

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Episode 18 – Transatlanticism

In today’s episode, we get to a new level of emo by reviewing Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism.  In order to make that more bearable, we sandwich the review with a little metal-talk about a youtube video Ian recently saw of Cattle Decapitation’s vocalist exploring new dirty vocal techniques in the studio as well as play a little game called “Which is the only song off This Dillinger Escape Plan album that Alex likes?”  Enjoy!

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Best watched after hearing the segment about this video in the episode

Episode 16 – Bleed American

In this week’s episode we discuss what happened to Charles Bukowski for being such a nice guy, why Sara Bareilles may or may not make good music for a long commute and how it’s possible for someone to like both emo tunes and the bounce music of Big Freedia at the same time.  Oh and we also review Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American.  Enjoy!

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Episode 15 – Say It Like You Mean It

This episode is full of fun shenanigans!  Care to learn how I (Ian) attempt to pretend like I’m a foreigner at a party where I know no one?  Or how about the first (and probably only) episode of a new game show called Victory or Bust?  Or maybe you’ve come to enjoy our review of The Starting Line’s Say It Like You Mean It. No matter what your reason, we’re glad you’re listening and hope you enjoy!

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