About What You’ve Gotten Yourself Into…

Well, you’ve managed to wander onto our site. You lucky duck.

Welcome to OneMoreSong, a podcast from the McIntosh brothers! The genesis of this project is covered in our first episode (which you should go listen to instead of reading this), but the bare-basic frame is that we’ll cover an album each episode that falls under the theme of the season. Loosely adhering to a track-by-track reviewing structure, we wander in and out of tangents and just generally see where the episode takes us.

The Ones Doin’ the Yuk-yuks:


Ian McIntosh

Ian is Alex’s brother. Hailing from the depths of Gaithersburg, MD, he is whiz-bang frontman and a crackerjack musicologist in his own right. Tread lightly – he has a penchant for bad jokes and pawn shop reality shows.


Alex McIntosh

Alex is Ian’s brother. Stuck in Frederick, MD, he has played guitar in several bands with Ian, and is an accomplished teacher and composer, and famous only moreso for his exquisite modesty about it.

Disclaimer: OneMoreSongPodcast does not claim ownership of any music, soundbits or other copywritten material used. Ownership is reserved for the labels, artists and promoters where applicable. Material is used in good faith according to Fair Use practices.

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