Episode 28 – Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn

In this episode, Ian gives you a quick lesson on the basics of Freemasonry and also learns there’s a good chance he’s at least a little narcissistic.  Alex shows off a recent discovery he made regarding an animated Disney movie and we discuss The Beautiful Mistake’s 1st full-length album Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn.


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Light a Match


Episode 27 – So Much For The Afterglow

In this episode we’re a little all over the place, but ultimately settle on discussing Everclear’s 3rd album So Much For The Afterglow.  We also talk about why Alex can’t get into Pink Floyd, our new musical adventures as well as a story about fish tacos.

For our listener who may be sensitive to this sort of thing, there’s a small bit of a swearing in this episode, so just be aware.


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Episode 25 – Lateralus

After a year and a half of listening to us tell inside jokes and stories only we could possibly care about, and to celebrate our 25th episode, we’ve finally made good on our threats and are discussing Tool’s 3rd full-length album Lateralus in this latest episode.  We also talk about Alex’s enjoyment of Modest Yahoo and also accidentally give away just how far behind we are with releasing episodes (Spoiler Alert: we are really far behind).  Enjoy!

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Episode 24 – Waking Giants

In this episode we explore a variety of topics.  Everything from an “islands in the stream” sing-along to whether or not Jimmy Page is Asian.  We also talk about Ian’s quintessential Icelandic metal experience and how both Alex and Ian wrote songs blatantly ripping off songs from Life in Your Way.  Oh and speaking of Life in Your Way, we also discuss their 3rd album Waking Giants.  Enjoy!

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Episode 23 – Blowing Off Steam

In this episode we again go a little off course and don’t end up covering an actual album.  That’s ok though because you get to hear about the time Ian picked up a crackhead and why even financially obligating himself to attend events he WANTS to go to isn’t enough to make him actually go.  We do, however, discuss more of Frank Zappa, Kendrick Lamar and foreshadow a future episode by briefly talking about Tool’s album Lateralus.  Enjoy!

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Blowing Off Steam