Temporary Downtime

To our listener,

Unfortunately no new episode yet with this post.  Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop.  Going on a couple weeks ago, Alex and I were in the middle of recording a new episode when our mixer suddenly decided it no longer wanted to work.  At first we tried to get it replaced thinking it was under warranty, then we tried to get it fixed, but the cost would not have been worth it (think paying $3000 in car repairs for a car that’s only worth $1500).  Now we’ve settled on just getting a new one which we are being incredibly slow about doing.  What terrible podcasters we are!  We could record an episode using our old method, but the quality is already bad enough using this one, why ask our listener to suffer through another episode of static and buzzing?

We will have another episode up in the next week or two!  As a teaser we are doing Saves The Day’s second full length album Through Being Cool in celebration of it’s 15th anniversary (which will be long past by the time you hear the episode).

New inside jokes and emo music album reviews coming soon!

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